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Review of the Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera

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Description: I review Samsung's DV300F dual view camera

submit to reddit Posted by David Caldwell on 26/05/13 at 20:37

If you need a good all-rounder camera that’s packed with features and Wi-Fi enabled the Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera is a good choice

The Samsung DV300F dual view smart camera may be a lightweight in the pocket department but performs like a heavyweight.   This tiny camera is bursting with innovative features, such as the front view LCD screen that allows you to take a flawless ‘Selfie’. 

The front LCD is also put to good use by displaying a countdown when using the self-timer enabling you to know exactly when the shutter is about to go off.  The front LCD also can display an animated cartoon to attract the attention of fidgety children.

The camera is powered by a rechargeable 880mAh Lithium ion battery which makes fumbling around for batteries a thing of the past, it can be charged using the included USB plug and cable which can also be used to connect to your computer.

The operating system is intuitive and the different settings and filters can be navigated with ease, however it would hugely benefit with touch screen functionality.  

This camera is Wi-Fi enabled which means it can connect to your home network or smart phone to share photos, they can also be shared by email.

Pictures can also be shared via Facebook, Picasa, YouTube or Photobucket there is no Twitter interface unfortunately.

Build quality feels good with a solid brushed steel exterior that looks robust and expensive, the rear LCD is large taking up the full height of the device.  The front LCD is disguised with the same brushed steel effect as the rest of the camera and is nearly invisible when not in use.

The camera is capable of a 5x optical zoom and has a maximum resolution of 16.1 megapixels, memory is Micro SD only which is not included with the kit.

Taking the camera out and about you will find it a very capable camera which takes remarkably good photos particularly in the ‘Smart Auto’ mode and colours are vivid and details are sharply captured.

If you need a good all-rounder camera that’s packed with features and Wi-Fi enabled the Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart Camera is a good choice.

Settings Screens

An image taken with the macro setting

A sample of video taken by the camera


An animation generated by the 'Artistic Brush' filters 

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