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You had to maintain it, 25 Jan 2015 15:07:01 +0000An Old Travel CardI bought a jacket in a charity shop today. In a pocket was a train ticket or travel card to be more exact., 24 Jan 2015 18:12:37 +0000How to Learn the Nine Times TableThe trick to learn the nine times table is in your hands, 10 Sep 2014 15:07:09 +0000How to Calculate the Direction between two PointsHow to calculate the angle between two points using PHP, 09 Aug 2014 16:15:59 +0000Making a large Google XML sitemapHow to generate a Google XML Sitemap using Microsoft Access, 01 Aug 2014 20:03:59 +0000How to make a pyramidHow to make a pyramid, 18 May 2014 19:48:40 +0000The Transactional GOV.UK, the Land Registry and the future of ConveyancingWhere I bang on in a crudely written 500 words what we all can expect to be the future of conveyancing, 14 May 2014 20:28:12 +0000Local Land Charges Processing Times ResearchA key justification cited by the land registry for its takeover of Local Land Charges from local authorities is the service is fractured with response times taking from one day to six weeks. This fragmentation leads to the ‘Postcode Lottery’ talked about by the Rt Hon Michael Fallon in the House of Commons this week., 28 Feb 2014 19:28:42 +0000Convert Six Figure OS Reference into OS Grid ReferenceHow to convert an Ordnance Survey Map Reference into a Grid Reference, 22 Feb 2014 19:52:06 +0000Environment Agency Inspire WMS DatasetsHow to view the motherload of environmental spatial data, 19 Feb 2014 20:27:46 +0000Basingstoke in 1971An aerial photograph of Basingstoke Town Centre in 1971, 14 Feb 2014 18:40:49 +0000Land Registry Transfer of Local Land Charges The ConsultationThe house buyer will ultimately benefit from reduced conveyancing costs, standardisation and turnaround times but is the land registry becoming the ultimate search provider the only way to achieve this?, 17 Jan 2014 19:32:31 +0000Why Do We SleepInstead of making New Year resolutions to stop drinking, smoking and losing weight maybe we should improve our sleep and by doing so improve our minds and bodies., 09 Jan 2014 13:03:45 +0000How to Make a Model Arch Bridge out of CardThe arch bridge is one of the oldest forms of bridge and was used by the Romans and throughout the middle ages. This tutorial will show you how to make a type of arch bridge called a hump back bridge out of card., 01 Jan 2014 15:20:09 +0000Why are there 12 Months, 7 Days in a Week, 24 Hours, 60 Minutes and 60 SecondsWhy are there 12 Months, 7 Days in a Week, 24 Hours, 60 Minutes and 60 Seconds? Time is a natural astronomical phenomenon a year is defined by one orbit around the Sun and a day is one rotation of the Earth about its axis. What is manmade is how that year or day is divided up into units., 31 Dec 2013 21:30:28 +0000How to Freeze PotatoesOne way to preserve potatoes is to freeze them this tutorial will show you how in five easy steps., 31 Dec 2013 19:02:04 +0000How to Make a Model BridgeIn this tutorial I will be making a model truss bridge out of matchsticks, the bridge is suitable for science homework, model railways, war games and dioramas, 23 Dec 2013 20:50:45 +0000Bridges in FolkloreBridges have always attracted myths and legend in this article I explore the bridge in folklore., 22 Dec 2013 15:09:18 +0000How to Stop SmokingIt has now been seven years since I had my last cigarette and became a non-smoker. In this article I explore the origins of smoking, why people smoke, health risks and if you want to stop, tips to help you stop smoking for good., 18 Dec 2013 20:30:03 +0000A History of Tattoos in the UKA history of tattoos from ancient times to the present day, 15 Dec 2013 17:33:22 +0000Location Location LocationIn the UK spatially referenced address information created by local councils is increasing in commercial value but how will the Ordnance Survey or the Royal Mail be able to compete with Google?, 09 Dec 2013 18:00:22 +0000Technology in 1983My memories of technology in 1983, 02 Dec 2013 19:10:03 +0000How to Cure HiccupsWhat are hiccups, what causes them and how to stop hiccups?, 01 Dec 2013 16:20:31 +0000Here be DragonsMankind’s relationship with the mythological Dragon from prehistory to the present day., 27 Nov 2013 17:58:32 +0000A book review of Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris RiddellA book review of ‘Fortunately the Milk, written by ‘ridiculously bestselling author’ Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell., 20 Nov 2013 19:45:20 +0000How to Make a Medieval Model HouseHow to make a model medieval house for homework, war games or a model railway layout., 17 Nov 2013 20:13:03 +0000Why do Cats PurrWhen a cat purrs it is generally accepted that the animal is happy however this is not the case. Cats that are experiencing pain or injury purr., 11 Nov 2013 19:30:38 +0000Why is Thirteen considered UnluckyThe number thirteen is a significant number but has gathered a certain amount of bad publicity over the years. Why is this? What is Special about the number thirteen and why is it considered unlucky?, 10 Nov 2013 21:32:50 +0000Land Registry Takeover of Local Land Charges Register The Norwegian PerspectiveThe Land Registry is poised to take over the so called crown jewels of property information the Local Land Charges register from over 300 local authorities and centralise it into a single repository. Is there any precedence of anything like this happening in recent times? To find an example we will need to cross the North Sea to the shores of Norway., 03 Nov 2013 19:28:25 +0000How to Make a Toilet Roll RocketHow to make a model rocket using toilet roll tubes, 03 Nov 2013 13:10:03 +0000Who Was Saint JudeWith the Saint Jude’s day storm battering our shorelines at the time of writing, I decided to find out who Saint Jude was., 27 Oct 2013 20:43:48 +0000How did Halloween StartHow the festival of Halloween started thousands of years ago and has evolved to the current day, 27 Oct 2013 16:03:16 +0000Land Registry and the Local Land Charges RegisterLand Registry are currently concluding a yearlong prototype to assess if they can become the custodians of the local land charge register and sole providers of official conveyancing searches., 23 Oct 2013 19:56:21 +0000Why is it WinterWhat is Winter, Why is it Winter, Why doesn't it Snow at Christmas?, 20 Oct 2013 14:24:29 +0000How to Make a Model HouseIn this tutorial I will show you how to make simple model houses out of cardboard, 16 Sep 2013 15:52:52 +0000How to embed a google map with marker in PHPHow to easily embed a Google map with a marker, 26 Aug 2013 12:13:27 +0000How to Cook a Cheese and Mushroom OmeletteThis recipe is for a cheese and mushroom omelette, a quick and healthy meal that can be prepared in less than ten minutes., 23 Jun 2013 14:48:32 +0000Do Dreams Have MeaningI decide to keep a dream diary and find out once and for all what are dreams?, 19 Jun 2013 20:24:34 +0000How to Lose Weight Fast Without Eating LessHow to lose weight with a little application of science, 10 Jun 2013 17:50:23 +0000Looking for Life in Your own Back YardLooking for nature in your own back yard, how to start exploring the land of the microscopic, 09 Jun 2013 10:48:43 +0000How to Rotate a Video to Landscape After Being Uploaded to YouTubeHow to rotate a video to landscape from portrait after it has been uploaded to YouTube in six easy steps, 27 May 2013 11:09:40 +0000Review of the Samsung DV300F Dual View Smart CameraI review Samsung's DV300F dual view camera, 26 May 2013 20:37:41 +0000Review of ‘The Anubis Gates’ by Tim PowersA book review of the The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, 24 May 2013 12:43:38 +0000Creating a Charity Target Barometer in PHPCreating a Charity Target Thermometer or Barometer in PHP, 17 May 2013 20:54:55 +0000How to open the Snipping Tool in Windows EightHow to find the Snipping Tool in Windows Eight, a short tutorial showing where it is and how to use it., 14 May 2013 19:46:09 +0000The no new possession challengeI set my self a challenge not to buy any new possessions other than what I can eat or drink and de-clutter my life, 08 May 2013 20:12:05 +0000Creating a RSS Feed for your Blog or Website in PHP and MySQLCreating a RSS Feed with PHP and MySQL for a Blog or Website, 07 May 2013 13:17:01 +0000May Day Bank HolidayHow Mayday is Celebrated in the UK, 06 May 2013 16:37:34 +0000