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A book review of Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell

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Description: A book review of ‘Fortunately the Milk, written by ‘ridiculously bestselling author’ Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell.

Posted by David Caldwell on 20/11/13 at 19:45

A book review of ‘Fortunately the Milk, written by ‘ridiculously bestselling author’ Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell.

I bought this book on a November day for my six year old daughter with the intention of hiding it away for Christmas; however after she had gone to bed I started to read ‘Fortunately the Milk’ and didn’t stop until all 160ish lavishly illustrated pages had been consumed. 

 I gave my Daughter Sarah the book the very next day.

The story features a brother and sister whose mother goes away to speak at a conference leaving the father in charge.

Things do not go well and the next morning the children wake up to find that they have run out of milk for their cereal.  The father not only realises that without milk the children cannot have breakfast but also it means that he will be deprived of his beloved cup of tea.

To rectify this intolerable situation he leaves the two children, home alone, to fend for themselves while he ventures to the corner shop to buy a carton of the white stuff.  He is gone for a noteworthy time and the children begin to wonder what could have happened to him.

Eventually the father returns and regales his children with fantastical tales to explain his absence.  His story includes the mundane chatting to Mister Ronson from ‘over the road’ to the ridiculous being kidnapped by aliens who resemble nasal mucus. 

‘Where there is milk, there is hope’

The book has a host of characters including Pirate queens, a dirigible flying stegosaurus time traveller (the dinosaurs didn’t become extinct, they just migrated into outer space), piranhas, a tribe of volcano worshipers, ponies, a cast of ‘wampires’ (strangely resembling Nosferatu and certain cast members of twilight),  Splod the God of people with short funny names and the Galactic Dinosaur police.

After surviving travelling through time and space, (which he almost causes the end of in an unforeseen lactic related cataclysm), surviving volcanic eruptions and outwitting his enemies the father and milk return safely home. 

The children can now have their breakfast and their father can now enjoy his cup of tea, but will they believe his story? 

And Sarah's oppinion?  She thinks that it's the funniest book she's ever had read to her.

Sarah doesn't often go out of her way to read books prefering to be read to but later she was reading the book by herself.  

Sometimes things good things cannot wait until Christmas.


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