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How to Rotate a Video to Landscape After Being Uploaded to YouTube

Subject: Technology

Description: How to rotate a video to landscape from portrait after it has been uploaded to YouTube in six easy steps

Posted by David Caldwell on 27/05/13 at 11:09

Imagine this scenario, you take a killer video on your iPhone or iPad or Android device that is guaranteed to go viral and make you famous beyond your wildest dreams. 

You upload the video direct to YouTube and view it and horror of horrors it’s in portrait mode, people can only view the video by craning their necks and this makes you feel like an incompetent simpleton who can’t be trusted to operate any item of technology.

The only way to fix the problem is to load the video to your computer and convert it with video dub or some other complicated software, right?  Wrong, you can do this all on YouTube, let me show you how in six easy steps.

Step One

Login to YouTube and go to ‘Video Manager’.

Step Two

Click on Edit.

Step Three

Click on Enhancements.

Step Four

Click ‘Try the YouTube Video Editor’

Step Five

Drag the video you want to rotate to landscape into the ‘Drag Videos Here’ box.

Step Six

Hover your cursor over the video box and a rotate icon will appear, click on the rotate icon and that’s it just click publish and a new video will be created that’s in landscape not portrait. 

You can now delete the old portrait video and get on with you life with your technical credibility intact

The Finished Video of my cat Ginger can be viewed below

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