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How to open the Snipping Tool in Windows Eight

Subject: Technology

Description: How to find the Snipping Tool in Windows Eight, a short tutorial showing where it is and how to use it.

Posted by David Caldwell on 14/05/13 at 19:46

How to Open the Snipping Tool in Windows Eight

Remember the old days when you had to create a screenshot, say an error message to send to the IT department? 

You had to find the ‘Prt Sc’ Print screen key way up in the awkward corner of your keyboard, open up Paint, paste the screenshot, you had to then select the area of the screen you wanted and copy it to the clipboard.

Well those days are over thanks to the ‘Snipping Tool’ in Windows Seven and Eight.

Sounds great! Tell me how?

Ok then..

Step One

Hover the Cursor in the top right corner of the screen, to make the charms menu appear.

Step Two

Click on the magnifying glass icon to select search.

Step Three

In the search box begin to type ‘Snipping Tool’, by the time you type the first four letters it should appear.

Step Four

Now the snipping tool window appears you can click new,  when you do this the sceen becomes opaque and you can draw a box around any element of the screen you wish to capture.

Step Five

The captured image will now appear in the Snipping Tool window, it will now also be on your clipboard for you to paste into say Word.  You can also save the image to file in either PNG, GIF, JPG or MHT format.


Thanks for Reading and Happy Snipping!

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