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An Old Travel Card

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Description: I bought a jacket in a charity shop today. In a pocket was a train ticket or travel card to be more exact.

submit to reddit Posted by David Caldwell on 24/01/15 at 18:12

I bought a jacket in a charity shop today.  In a pocket was a train ticket or travel card to be more exact.

The ticket was bought on the 9th of May 1992 that’s twenty three years ago.  I used to go to New Cross Venue to see bands play at around the same time so the ticket was rich in nostalgia.  In fact it was in 1992 that Carter USM recorded the single ‘The Only Living Boy in New Cross’.

The ticket was issued by British Rail or British Railways to give them their full name.  British Rail was founded in 1948 and consisted of the main four nationalised train companies.  From 1994 British rail was privatised but the logo of two rail tracks and arrows depicting direction of travel still survive.

The London Underground R12 Zones are now Zones 1 and 2.  The ticket cost £2.50.  The same Travel Card today would cost £9.00.  A percentage increase of 260%.

The R indicates unlimited travel within the zones.

The ticket has a magnetic strip which was first used in its current form in 1982 which enables automated ticket turnstiles. 

Keywords: British Rail, Zones, R12, New Cross, 1992

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