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How to Enhance Photographs with the Gimp

Subject: Tutorials

Description: How to enhance the most mediocre of photographs using Gimp free software

Posted by David Caldwell on 03/02/15 at 18:12

How to Enhance your Photographs Using the Gimp

The Gimp is free image manipulation software available to download from  It is an invaluable tool for graphics and getting the most out of your photographs.

In this tutorial I will show how a photograph can be transformed from mediocre to masterpiece.

The original, dull and lifeless.

Download the ‘Advanced Tone Mapping’ plugin from the following link.

Open File Explorer (Windows Key and e) navigate to C --> Users --> [Your profile] --> .gimp-2.8 --> Scripts and paste the downloaded advancedtonemapping.scm

Open the Gimp and you should now have in the ‘Filters’ menu under ‘Enhance’. ‘Advanced Tone Mapping’.

The original has bland colours and a lack of contrast.  This can however be fixed.


Select ‘Colors’ and then ‘Levels’ and choose the ‘Auto’ option.  Sit back and watch the magic as the image floods with colour.

Advanced Tone Mapping

Choose Filters --> Enhance --> Advanced Tone Mapping

Set the Gauss Blur to 1 and click OK.  Repeat until you are happy with the result.


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