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Do Dreams Have Meaning

Subject: Science

Description: I decide to keep a dream diary and find out once and for all what are dreams?

Posted by David Caldwell on 19/06/13 at 20:24

What are Dreams

I have always thought of dreams as random electrical firing of neurons in the brain while the body is in shut down mode.  The body preforms a hard reset every night and reboots the operating system that is you every time you wake up.     

Do Computers Dream of Electric Sheep?

Computers probably dream in zeros and ones when the power gets turned off or when they are in a state of hibernation.  When they are sentient they might tell us if they dream or not before rising up and becoming our mighty metal overlords.

Mystic Meg

Throughout the centuries mystics and the type of people who think there might actually be something in homeopathy have assigned meaning and great significance in dreams, they believe they can tell you about your life and future. 

In fact even in our enlightened time there is a great deal of money that can be made as a dream interpreter.  I couldn’t afford the services of a professional so I decided to get the next best thing a book from the library.


Psychologists have had and still do hold different attitudes towards dreams, Freud believed that dream were a direct link with the subconscious and interpreted dreams by the use of dream symbols which were mostly linked to genitalia from hats to umbrellas, which I think tells us more about Freud than it could ever tell us about ourselves.

Carl Jung saw dreams as being a window to the unconscious and that dreams could guide the waking self to wholeness and solve problems the waking mind could not.

I have always thought that the most boring thing a person could do was to tell you about a dream they had, but I doubt anyone will read this so what the heck, my own rules are there to be broken.

Dream Diary

I decided to keep a dream diary to answer the questions ‘Are dreams just random?’, ‘Do they have psychological significance?’ and ‘Do they foretell the future?’

I know which one my money is on but in the best scientific tradition I decided to rely on hard empirical truth and rate each dream on the following factors

  • How random is the dream?
  • How would a Psychologist interpret it?
  • How would a Dream Interpreter read the dream?
  • Did it foresee the future?

I’ll update this blog tomorrow morning with tonights dreams, stay tuned and sleep tight  Smile

Keywords: What do Dreams Mean, Psychology of Dreams, Dream Diary, Freud, Jung