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How to Cook a Cheese and Mushroom Omelette

Subject: Cooking

Description: This recipe is for a cheese and mushroom omelette, a quick and healthy meal that can be prepared in less than ten minutes.

Posted by David Caldwell on 23/06/13 at 14:48

I enjoy cooking, I know that not many people do, I can escape to the kitchen, play some music and relax.  Cooking is like programming, you have certain variables and processes that need to be run in the correct order to result in the desired outcome.

This recipe is for a cheese and mushroom omelette, a quick and healthy meal that can be prepared in less than ten minutes.


  • 3 Free Range Eggs
  • Some mushrooms
  • Some Cheese
  • 1 Tablespoon of water

Prepare the Mushrooms

Slice the mushrooms with a sharp kitchen knife, try to cut with your nails inward and your thumb tucked inward, this will deflect any slips of the knife with your nails and avoid a trip to A&E

Mushrooms are weird, there not animal or vegetable but a whole different category, they seem grow towards light but nobody knows what they do with it.  It is said that mushroom fairy rings inspired Neolithic man to build henge’s like Stonehenge.

Wouldn’t it be weird if they were hyper intelligent beings that we ruthlessly destroy and eat just for being so darn tasty.

Make sure you wash the mushrooms, sometimes you see soil sticking to the stems, that soil is compost which is contaminated with animal manure.

Heat a Frying Pan

Put a non-stick frying pan on a high heat, today I’m using olive oil because I’m trying to be healthy but butter is miles tastier but not so healthy.

When the oil is sizzling hot add the sliced mushrooms and leave to brown stirring occasionally

After a few minutes the mushrooms will be ready, you can tell because they have turned brown and have a shiny look about them.

Turn the heat down and leave the mushrooms in the pan, while we mix the eggs and cheese together.

Break the Eggs

Always use a knife to break eggs with, using the side of the pan is unhygienic, chickens carry salmonella and eggs come from an egg laying pouch called the cloaca which is also its bum.

With a whisk mix the egg white and yolks together until the mixture has a consistent colour

I’ve added a pinch of cayenne pepper to give it some extra zing, the Victorians were fond of doing this and called it devilling, they devilled everything from eggs to goats.

Grate some cheese into the mix, I’m using mature cheddar because that’s the way I roll.

Stir it all together and it’s ready to be reunited with its mushroom buddies.

Cooking the Omelette

Pour the mixture into the pan and allow it to spread out evenly, use a spatula around the edge of the pan to draw the mixture in and allow it to flow back, like long shore drift.

Spatula is a Roman word, Spatula in Latin means a flat piece of wood, and not a lot of people know that or care.

Keep the pan moving to dislodge the omelette from the bottom, don’t worry if cracks appear, the egg will soon seal them like the frozen surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

I’m using the spatula to work under the omelette so it comes loose.

Some people can flip omelettes like pancakes, I’m not one of those people so I use a dinner plate to flip it over, the other side of the omelette doesn’t take long to cook.

Serve the omelette by folding it into a half moon shape on a plate.

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