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May Day Bank Holiday

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Description: How Mayday is Celebrated in the UK

Posted by David Caldwell on 06/05/13 at 16:37

It's a warm late spring day and I'm sitting in the garden typing this post on a laptop, the keys feel warm from the sun and I suspect I could be getting burnt and shift the deckchair a few inches to the left to stay in the shade of the parasol like a human sundial.  I have been working most of the day coding this site and the weather has been kind enough to allow me to work outside.  

Thanks weather! Smile

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK where I live, it celebrates May Day or the old pagan Beltane, nobody remembers what we should celebrate but the early evening air is filling with the smell of barbeques as a substitute for the ancient Beltane fires where priests of the old religion would drive cattle though flames to cleanse them, now we just grill them over charcoal.  Yum Yum.

The Romans celebrated May Day to honour the goddess Flora, who was in charge of flowers, fruit and margarine.  In modern times it was cited as International Workers Day to remember an incident in Chicago where four demonstrating workers got shot dead by police.

In England we celebrate the coming of summer with Maypole Dancing, Morris Men, Well dressing and celebrating the fact that Monday morning has been commuted by one day.

Hooray for May Day!

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